” The [ different] way that both sought always [ front ] ”

D.frent born from the desire to make a shoe timeless character , able to charm women who recognize our products in the innovative design , creativity , exclusivity and authentic extreme quality in molds that shape noble materials .

D.frent is singular object with high value design . In this sense , the brand presents itself in small collections – where exclusivity , quality and comfort are valued as much as the aesthetic attributes .

The brand emphasizes the craftsmanship of leather, natural fur , combined with amazing research matters . The result is noticed in cases where live actions of manufacture and industry , in models that stand out for the uniqueness and strong artistic bias based on several areas , sculpture , literature , music , architecture .

This distinction is part of the DNA product . Identity that is only complete at the feet of each client , where each D.frent , molded in its own way , becomes one piece.


The D.frent shoes are produced on a small scale by the hands of skilled , experienced , qualified and passionate about the craft artisans, who make up the productive body of one of the best factories in the country craft shoes This point was crucial for the birth of D. frent as the brand that purports to be , because it is an object of implementing complex by single conformation of leather with the heel .