Materials and Care

Each pair of D.frent shoes is an exclusive object, made under a high quality production process using high quality materials, 100% hand made, abiding the precepts of social responsibility.

The material: Leathers

Leather has unique material properties.  Its durable and flexible, permeable to air and water vapor. It holds moisture and is resistant to rupture. It can expand and return to its original form, which means that through out the day leather adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot, and if it is dried in shoe lasts, it can resume its original form.

1. Upper Leather

a) Brazilian Goatskin leather (Napa Mestizo): Mestizo is a short haired sheep-goat, native to the northeast of Brazil. It is a genetic combination of caprine and ovine animals. Its leather is reserved for selected consumers due to its high quality. Chrome-tanned, it undergoes a very specific light sanding and its surface is colored giving softness and suppleness to the shoes. It is vulnerable to abrasion, scratches and stains. It is not recommended for people with chrome related allergies.

b) Varnish: Its chrome-tanned mestizo goatskin leather, treated with glossy finish. It is vulnerable to moisture, heat, abrasion, and cutting surfaces. It is not recommended for people with chrome realted allergies.

c) Floater: Chrome-tanned calf leather, which has been tumbled for softness, with a visible grain. The tumbling may make color and texture to vary.  Slightly sensitive to water stains, scratches and heat. Gets softer with use and may stretch substantially. Not recommended for people with chrome allergies.

d) Suede: Chrome-tanned mestizo goatskin leather in our shoes, that has been sanded on the grain side producing a velvet-like, matte surface. Of low density and thickness, it is extremely permeable, therefore very sensitive to water and other liquid stains.

e) Kid leather: chrome-tanned caprine leather, lightweight, thin and durable. Less supple grain if compared with mestizo napa. Medium gloss finished, excellent for feet skin transpiration. Extremely sensible to moisture, may cause discomfort, which is why we use this leather only in some color details of our shoes. Slightly sensitive to abrasion, scratches and cutting surfaces, which can cause irreversible damages. Not recommended for people with chrome related allergies

2. Lining Leather

D.frent shoes are lined with mestizo leather. Chrome-tanned leather, specially treated and finished with polyurethane gloss lacquer  that is water soluble. This tanning process promotes great color resistence which does not dye the feet while permitting their transpiration. Not recommended for people with chrome related allergies

3. Sole Leather

We use the highest quality material and finishings in our leather soles, which are made of vegetable-tanned whole grain calf leather, with nobuck style sanding. The perfect finishing of the sole is possible only though the hands of capable craftsman.

4. Care

We recommend not to wear your D.frent shoes every day. It is best to use them every 3 days, at most; so the leather can dry completely.

Your shoes should be taken care of once in a while. Do not overdo the shoe cream when treating little scratches, as this can block the leather pores and therefore decrease the feet’s ability to breath. Please, read carefully the instructions of any shoe-care product before use.

If your D.frent gets wet do not expose it directly to sunlight. Let it dry naturally in a ventilated place and if necessary help keep its shape by using a shoetree. In this case, above all, do not to wear your shoes while still wet; otherwise, your D.frent could stretch, losing its original shape beyond repair.

Liquids, oils and even dirt can leave irreversible stains in any leather shoe. The best prevention is not to wear them in a wet, soiled environment nor at the beach or in the woods. D.frent shoes are designed to be worn in urban surroundings only.

If you are a proud owner of a D.frent, made of napa mestizo, prevention is the best care. This high quality leather has a thin grain layer and it is sensitive to abrasion, therefore difficult to clean. If your shoes get dirty, please try to clean them gently with a clean, dry and soft cloth. In some cases, let your shoes dry for a while before cleaning them. Please do not use any care product in light color shoes, it can yellow the surface.

Use a dry cleaning process for shoes made of kid leather or at most with a humid cloth. It can lose its shape easily if gets wet. We recommend a mild shoe polish applied in circular movements with a soft cloth.

In case of suede, before wearing your shoes for the first time, we recommend the application of a neutral waterproof spray to make them a little more resilient. Please, use soft brush for sporadic dry cleaning. Do not apply polish creams in any case.

Varnished leathers are also prone to superficial damage which can not be repaired. We do recommend the use of polish products in small quantities to give back the glossy finish of the material. Use a dry and clean cloth to polish and  to remove soil.

These little details can considerably increase the lifetime of your shoes.

5. Size

If you are a close observer, you will notice that the size information is stamped in a different and “funny” way onto the sole of each one of your shoes. Size information is listed according to Brazilian (BRA), European (EU) and North American (US) measures.

BR | EU | US

34 | 36 | 6

35 | 37 | 6.5

36 | 38 | 7

37 | 39 | 8

38 | 40 | 9

39 | 41 | 9.5

40 | 42 | 10

Note: size may differ between 1 to 0,5 sizes due to the imperfect standardization of measures and the conversion process.


Under the 3R concept – reduce, reuse, recycle – our shoe packing is modern, elegant, and functional; avoiding the waste of paper, paint, and tanning. Craft paper, some light of hotstamping, neutral cotton fabric; all these materials and production processes were carefully selected to minimize the environmental impact of our product.

From our hands to your feet.