Bauhaus Artists

In this Spring-Summer collection D.frent has learned about some people who were behind Bauhaus ideas. The art school was not only the most famous of the XX century, but was also an idea that continues to influence us nowadays.

Gropius, Bayer, Hartwig, Paul Klee, Loew, Mies, Kandisnsky, Rose… Each model is inspired in some member of the great german art school. However, we can highlight a common and relevant concept they’ve all used: a lot of monochrome, the most basic functions and content strikes a perfect balance of classic and contemporary. The highlight is the structure of the shoes in new heels and constructions.

In the bags collection, we’ve applied our established style in a “tote” or “bucket bag” and simple ideas that subtly transform each model. The result is “casual and basic” but very expressive.

This collection is, undoubtedly, the most ageless of all – following the “bauhasian” concept.